"Necati is small, shy and a campaigner to the bone." -Guardian, 2014

Yas Necati is an eighteen year old activist who was born in, and is still being raised in, London. A passion for comic-books, feminism and changing the world means that she is, of course, a super-duper nerd! She's SUPER proud to be a member of No More Page 3 HQ, fighting to end a long-outdated sexist institution, whilst having true "harmless fun" along the way.

On 3rd September 2013, Yas launched a campaign alongside the Telegraph for #BetterSexEducation (that's trended on Twitter!!). The UK's Sex Ed curriculum hadn't been updated since the year 2000, making it older than the majority of the students! This was, quite simply, ridiculous. The petition gained more than 52, 000 signatures and was a success. New guidance has been written by sexual health professionals to include violence towards women and the dangers of internet pornography and sexting.

Yas is also running the Campaign4Consent alongside two other teen activists. This aims to get sexual consent and information about sexual assault into the UK's Sex Education curriculum. Please like their Facebook page and have a look at their jazzy website!!

Yas is editor at the US-based organisation Powered By Girl. She's a blogger for the US-based activist movement SPARK and a member of the SPARK Action Squad.

She also works closely with Animal Aid and will be making her debut appearance as a face-painting moon bear some time in the near future. Yas is a team member at the anti-bullying charity Be More Heroic UK.

She is currently writing a novel for and about teen feminists.

She appeared on the Generation F panel at UK Feminista's Summer School 2013 and has spoken on Sky News and LBC radio (21:40).

She often looks at the We Can Do It poster on her wall for guidance, but it’s surprisingly un-talkative.

Yas holds an extreme love for poems, books and all things yellow. She talks to her cat more than she talks to humans. She should have been born on Thundera.


  1. perfect description for an amazing person. <3

  2. She is also a man hating feminist being groomed by No More Page 3

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