Monday, 17 November 2014

44 Years Too Many.

44 years ago I wasn't yet born
Somebody filled the newspaper with porn
I can't tell who would quite have this idea
Just that it screams Jimmy Saville's sexist era
Growing up my parents had the Sun in the house
It was weird seeing a lady with her boobs out
In the paper just for pure titillation
When my ideas about bodies were coming into formation
There's page after page of men doing sport
Running the country - achieving all sorts,
While a woman is there purely because of her body,
Just what she looks like, it's unfair already!
Representation is so important
Yet women are represented purely as sexual,
For no other qualities, attribute or talents,
Despite the amazing things women have managed.
It's been 44 years today since The Sun's had Page 3
And we are asking very nicely for the editor to see
That women are so much more than appearance
And we deserve to be presented with respect and endearance.